LinkedIn Headshots Photography

You should always set yourself apart from the generic crowd by taking a new approach when it comes to LinkedIn headshots in Toronto. Think about it, a headshot is considered a first impression. In today’s work environment, almost everything is done virtually so a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile is crucial for your career. Headshots for LinkedIn is a great tool to learn about people and get you hired. Here are some recommendations from one of the best headshot photographers in Toronto, dos and don’ts when it comes to LinkedIn Headshot photography.

The background is extremely important, I recommend standard solid white or grey for corporate LinkedIn headshots. Don’t use a busy backdrop as it takes away from the subject. With a solid neutral color, it is easy for the person being photographed to be the focus of the composition.  

Smile. Smiling is the universal language of being friendly and open, which is an important attribute that you need to showcase in your headshots for your LinkedIn profile. Try as much as possible to be yourself, be confident and relax in front of the camera, it really does show. 

Don’t dress in any stripes or patterns as it doesn’t look good on camera. Dress in a professional attire with solid colors, grey’s and navy is always good and creates contrast. Jackets also creates a nice frame and generally make people look good.  

Finding the right pose can be tricky, try different poses until you find the right one. I personally find a side body pose with the face looking straight at the camera works out best. 

…so put your best face forward and get your slot booked today at our very own LinkedIn headshots photographer in Toronto.