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How To Take The Best Dessert Photography

Creative Dessert Photography Techniques To Master

Let’s be honest. Taking bad vegan dessert photography is not an option when it’s already a hard sell to begin with. Food photography is all about associating the image with the feeling of taste. But certain subsets of food photography can be harder than others. Certain niches like creative dessert photography and vegan desert photography can be hard to begin with but once you master these creative dessert photography techniques, you’ll be the pro of dessert food photographer in Toronto.

As a food photographer in Toronto, it was always challenging to achieve new and creative methods to produce creative dessert photography and dessert art photography up to the gold standard I wanted. But with patience, research, experiments, and after a lot of delicious treats, here are my tried-and-tested professional tips and techniques for capturing the art of creative dessert photography that any dessert photographer in Toronto would envy.

Dessert Photography Toronto Tips

Set the camera setting

Make sure you always have your white balance set correctly. Flash photography in general casts a blue light so I personally like to manually adjust my kelvin to warm color to compensate. Set the right F-stop to achieve the desired effect and shoot at an f-stop of 8 or more if you want the creative dessert photography to be in focus and at an f-stop of 2.8 or less if you want some bokeh effect. I like to not go beyond an ISO of 400 to keep things sharp for my dessert art photography. In this way you will have results almost like a studio product photography.


Try and use natural light if you can with a diffuser and a reflector. Sometimes you need a controlled light setting so my advice is to use strobe lighting with a large softbox to diffuse and soften the light properly. In dessert art photography and creative art photography, we’re already lucky that they usually have amazing color compositions, so use that for your advantage.


It really depends on the Toronto dessert photography clients and what they want to achieve from the photoshoot visually. But most of the time they are trying to display the full dessert so try and fill the frame with it. I personally love closeups, especially for creative dessert photography and vegan dessert photography, so shoot that if you can, sometimes even a macro lens can be a nice addition for a fresh angle.

Props & backdrops

In case you can’t work with a food photography stylist you can try and style the creative dessert photography shoot yourself. Props are key here, use the right props for the right kind of food. For example, if the dessert has cinnamon in it you can use raw cinnamon sticks as a prop for the creative dessert photography shoot. Use contrasting colors to add excitement to the shoot as well.  

The backdrop is also vital here. Try and use neutral backgrounds so it doesn’t take away from the dessert, ideally something with texture, such as a distressed old wooden door to give it a homier and more wholesome look. Adding parchment paper for layering is a good idea too.

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