The Top 5 Tips For Beauty Photography:
From Styling to Angles

Beauty photography has become more powerful than ever with the beauty industry exploding and more and more people buying the latest trending beauty products. So what’s the secret to taking the best beauty portraits? Well, it’s simple really: find a really good beauty photographer to capture the perfect pictures for your brand. Having spent the last decade working on beauty photography, our Toronto beauty photographer shares his secrets to the art of taking beauty photography with behind-the-scenes tips that will help your images stand out from the generic crowd. Successful beauty photography is all about getting everything you need in the shoot to work together seamlessly; from the models, to the location, to the styling and concept. Our beauty photographer in Toronto will outline why beauty photography is a very powerful tool to showcase products and how to shoot it like a pro.

Work With A Lifestyle Photographer In Toronto

Being a beauty photographer requires being able to manage everything in the shoot from production and art direction to lighting and guiding models. The true essence of beauty photography is to have people gravitate to your images because they showcase beauty in an attractive and aesthetic way. So one of the best ways to capture that is by having professional models model your products and a professional beauty photographer take the photographs.

Create A Mood Board

This is always the first step to beauty photography. Any beauty photographer in Toronto knows that this is essential beforehand because it helps the beauty photographer have a clear reference of what the styling and lighting needed for the shoot will be.

Positioning Your Product

Positioning you products on the model is crucial in beauty photography and lifestyle photography. The way you photograph the product on the model is critical, for example, if you are shooting a necklace the best way is to position the product in a way that will show it clearly by using lighting to make sure the product shines clearly in the final photograph. This has to be done while making sure the model is in an attractive and natural pose to make sure the beauty photography really does its job perfectly.

Styling Beauty Photography in Toronto & the GTA

The proper styling of the model will ensure that the composition is correct and the contrast of colors work both in bringing out the best in the model and the product you are trying to showcase. That is why working with a professional beauty photographer in Toronto is key because we have a wide range of networks when it comes to stylists, beauty experts and makeup artists.

Camera Angles

With the development of digital photography, taking a large amount of photos has never been easier. Our Toronto beauty photographer always has his camera on and ready to make sure he is able to capture the right photo at the right time. When it comes to the correct angles in beauty photography, using a low angle really helps amplify the model you are shooting. As for using high angles, sometimes it is more descriptive for beauty photography and shows the product in a better light, so it’s the lifestyle photographer in Toronto’s job to capture the best angle needed for different shots depending if the model or the product are the focus of each image.

Natural Light Vs. Artificial Lighting

When it comes to lighting for beauty photography, nothing beats natural lighting. We highly recommend using a large reflector to utilize natural light to really bring your beauty photography images to life. We always check the direction of the light and set up our beauty photography shoots at the right time of day. When using a reflector, we work on trying to bounce the light directly to the face of the model and the product being showcased. Late in the afternoon or early morning is the best time to shoot with natural light because the light is not vertical and not as bright. Sometimes flash/strobe photography is needed as a filler for beauty photography, so depending on what your product is, you can use a power bank and strobe that our Toronto beauty photographer always has handy on outdoor shoots. Beauty photography always works best with diffused lighting, so it’s advised by our beauty photographer in Toronto to never shoot with harsh direct light. Another pro tip from our beauty photographer is to work with beauty dishes and large softboxes for a diffused light effect that works beautifully with beauty photography.

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