The 5 Ultimate Tips To Perfect The Art Of E-commerce Photography

Our modern world is now run by visuals. It has the fastest and most effective way to get attention and stir an emotion towards something for the ecommerce platform. Which is why ecommerce photography is now king. Any business owner will tell you how important photography for ecommerce products is. It has been proven time and time again that the decision-making process behind purchasing is based on what is considered visually appealing. And the only way to achieve that is with ecommerce photography, which is basically photography for ecommerce products.

Here are some tips on how to shoot ecommerce photography in Toronto like a pro:

Don’t Cut Corners With Product Photography

It might be tempting to shoot your own photography for ecommerce products or photography for an ecommerce website but it will only shoot you in the foot later on. To showcase and sell any product, we strongly recommend that you contact a professional ecommerce photographer. By having a professional do your ecommerce photography you will exponentially increase revenue whether online or in person because this is what attracts customers to you in the first place. The same applies for building a new website. The most important thing to do for your business is to have a seasoned photographer work with you to make sure the ecommerce photography is looking good before publishing it to the masses.

ATP is available to assist you with all your photography for ecommerce in Toronto needs.

Early Preparation Is Key

Always check references and come up with mood boards when you begin photography for ecommerce projects so that both the photographer and the client agree on certain themes and directions. Also styling, backdrops and prop preparation is extremely important and can transform the shoot completely for ecommerce photography. The props could help accentuate the product and give it a more dynamic look while backdrops can add contrast and make the product pop. Creating shot lists is also an important element to the success of any ecommerce photography photo shoot. Prepare your products in advance and make sure the product is in good condition, the labels are straight, and that there are no dust or fingerprints on your products. At ATP, we have years of photography for ecommerce Toronto under our belt, and we highly recommend that brands have multiple items from the same product in case one of them is not in a perfect condition for the ecommerce photography shoot.

Perfect Lighting & Equipment

Always test your lighting beforehand and try to position it in a way that accentuates the product for your ecommerce photography shoot. Use light modifiers and soft boxes to get rid of harsh shadows and to control the exposure of the highlights for photography for ecommerce products. Reflectors are a great and easy way to achieve this soft light too. A small aperture is essential to get more depth of field and get your ecommerce products in focus. As photography for ecommerce specialists, we also recommend that you use a low ISO to help with the sharpness of the images – always try and shoot at an f-stop of 8 or more and ISO less than 400.

Photography Ecommerce Website Staging & Composition

Staging and shot composition is key here. Always try to center the product and frame in the photography for ecommerce shoot so the end result looks well composed and balanced. Try and show the best part of the product; we recommend tethering when you can, once you do that you have a better chance of spotting imperfections on the bigger screen and can adjust setting, light, and composition accordingly to perfect the ecommerce photography needed. Check your shot list and reference shots to make sure you are on the right track. While shooting always pay attention to all the details and mind the perspective. For example, for photography for ecommerce products, if you are shooting a bottle then make sure the perspective is correct in order not to skew it’s dimensions. Check again to make sure there are no unwanted reflections on the product after the photography for ecommerce shoot is done.

Post Production: Photography For Ecommerce Products

Post production can be a very powerful tool if used correctly for ecommerce photography. At ATP, we specialize in ecommerce photography in Toronto and are not fans of over editing as you lose the essence of ecommerce products along the way and the market here isn’t really looking for that. You don’t want the finished image of your ecommerce product photography to look too fake, as this can have a negative effect on your ecommerce photography for the website. People want to see a genuine product. Nevertheless, polishing your image is still vital. By adjusting the exposure, spot removal, cropping, and color correction, your ecommerce photography will look polished and professional.

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