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Alaa Taher, aToronto-based photographer, finds himself at home in most parts of the world.

​Known for his wanderlust, Taher's photography captures the most memorable visions and showcases Taher's background in biology -- and his love for the natural world as his Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of New South Wales in Australia proves. At first photography was a journal of Taher's extensive travels around the world, from Antarctica to South East Asia, capturing dramatic landscapes and rare species of Penguins in Antarctica to leopards in the wild in Sri Lanka.

In 2008 he started Alaa Taher Photography (ATP Arts), a photography, production and advertising agency, then later went on to create Sowar Online, the first online stock photography website in the Middle East.

Taher has accumulated ten years of experience in the commercial photography field and has worked for magazines, hotels, restaurants and advertising agencies such as Drive Dentsu, BBDO and FP7. His list of clients also includes Mini Cooper, KPMG Canada, FujiFilm, Canon, Fairmont, The Four Seasons, Martha Stewart Weddings, Procter & Gamble, Credit Agricole Bank, Steigenberger Hotels, Zain Mobil and MenuLava Canada.



2015   Photo Exhibition. Bubblegum Studios. Toronto, Canada

2014   Nice To Meet You. Creatures Creating. Toronto, Canada  

2012   Egypt World Heritage Sites. InterContinental / UNESCO Collaboration. Cairo, Egypt 

2011    Revolutionary Vision. ABC Art Gallery. Cairo, Egypt 

2011    Preservation & Wildlife: The Other Side of Sinai. InterContinental / National Geographic Collaboration. Cairo, Egypt 

2011    To Egypt With Love II. Safarkhan Art Gallery. Cairo, Egypt 

2011    From The Nile To The Merrimack. Umass Lowell Art Gallery. Massachusetts, USA 

2011    Thawretna-Souretna. Tache Art Gallery. Cairo, Egypt 

2011    To Egypt With Love. Safarkhan Art Gallery. Cairo, Egypt & Frankfurt, Germany. 

2010   Glow. (Solo Exhibition) Cairo Opera House Gallery. Cairo, Egypt 

2009   Lights On The Unknown. (Solo Exhibition) Hanfaninha Gallery. Cairo, Egypt 

2009   Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum. 7th Nile Salon for Photography. Cairo, Egypt 

2009   Sedso Design Group Gallery. Philadelphia, USA 

2009   Partly True Partly False. Hanfaninha Gallery. Cairo, Egypt 

2008   The Animal World In Ancient Egypt. CultNat, Smart Village. Cairo, Egypt. 

2005   Atelier Art Gallery.  Cairo, Egypt. 

2004   Splash Art Exhibition. Sydney, Australia. 

2001    The Society of Modern Art Gallery (awarded the society prize). Cairo, Egypt. 

2000   Townhouse Gallery. Cairo, Egypt. 

2000   Ewart Gallery. Cairo, Egypt.